The Inexorable Colonization of the Self

Ameisenkolonien, Animation, Bilde bei Ausstellung „The Inexorable Colonization of the Self“ in BBK Matjö Köln und in DISKURS Berlin

The autonomy of humans is an illusion of the mind. The emergence of intelligent individuals would have not been possible without them. That which is social is replicating, affecting, invading, colonizing: expressions of vitality signifying the same intensity and nature. Everyone is a vessel hosting a universe of sensual and affective microscopic life. Cells, bacteria and interrelating organs drive our desires and determine our future. They have granted us the vitality to be who we are.
Wir sind wandelnde Gemeinschaften.

—– Kuai Shen und Pengyu Huang

©2016 Pengyu Huang